These tapes (now on one CD) have meant the world to me. Regardless what you think about Castaneda, these “exercises” are both energizing and relaxing. “TENSEGRITY” AND MAGICAL PASSES. Carlos Castaneda interviewed for The New Times by Clair Baron More than thirty years ago, as an anthropologist. Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity Dreaming Castaneda Images of a 20th-century sorcerer. From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird.

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So in keeping with the terms of legalities and record-keeping that the world of everyday life requires, Carlos Castaneda was declared to have died.

She is to date the only one of the Tensegrity women whose remains have tensegritu found. Views Read View source View history. His eyes – supremely watchful, intensely alive, often projecting an improbable combination of grief and amusement — were the most remarkable thing about him.

He also engaged in elaborate role-playing that he pushed to the point that I casganeda he could no longer tell the difference. There is a deep wisdom in his texts that cannot be regarded as either fiction or knowledgeable fabrication.

Retrieved 15 July In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Don Juan became his anthropological informant, and then his teacher. The investigating authorities ruled Partin’s death as undetermined.

The term nagual has been used by anthropologists to mean a shaman or sorcerer who claims to be able to change into an animal form, or to metaphorically “shift” into another form through magic rituals, shamanism and experiences with psychoactive drugs e.

For my own provisional answer, I think of Peter A. Scholars have debated “whether Castaneda actually served as an apprentice to the alleged Yaqui sorcerer don Juan Matus or if he invented the whole odyssey.

How hard did you look? De Mille painstakingly combed through Castaneda’s four published volumes, trolling them for inconsistencies, cross-referencing his ethnographic data with other spiritual and philosophical disciplines from which de Mille felt Carlos had stolen.

Carlos Castaneda

Perhaps when she went into the desert she was convinced she would be able to leave this world, the same way Don Juan did. But unless we break free of the prison of our ideologies, we will come to the end of our lives and wonder what we have lived tensfgrity. Around the time Castaneda died in Aprilhis companions Donner-Grau, Abelar and Patricia Partin informed friends they were leaving on a long journey. University of Nebraska Press.


And yet, for weeks after, I was better able to address my individual days and nights with less fear, castansda preconceptions, more clarity and compassion. She has never been heard from again. Retrieved from ” https: There are reports of her drinking heavily in the final days.

Certainly there is no way to prove castaneea, but it makes sense that he would try to salvage his legacy before he died.

According to a article in TimeU. At this point, the Vietnam War was still in full swing, and Nixon was about to be re-elected.

Tensegrity and Magical Passes

Don Juan explained to me that in specific states of heightened awareness called dreaming, those men and women twnsegrity able to reach levels of optimum physical balance. I could only reach him by leaving messages at the anthropology department. Among the infinitude of things that don Juan taught me were some bodily movements which were discovered and used by the shamans of ancient Mexico to foster states of profound physical and mental well-being. When I complained to him how I’d run out of gas the night before, for castaneeda, he told me that Don Juan had told him that if he anthropomorphized his car, it would never run out of gas again.

Given this fact and the discovery of the remains of Patricia Partin, the conclusion that all of them are now dead is almost inescapable.

Archived from the original on October 13, But these increasingly fantastic stories of multiple sorcerer’s apprentices were hard to swallow whole, leading some to conclude that tensefrity of Castaneda’s stories also may have been stupendous falsehoods.

From Los Angeles Weekly, by Celeste Fremon For me the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable; my interest has been to convince you tensegeity you must assume responsibility for being here in this marvelous world, in this marvelous desert, at this marvelous time. Today, she serves as a consultant for Cleargreen. Participants will practice the magical passes presented on the three Tensegrity videos, plus a number of magical passes conducive to relaxation, and, at the same time, alertness – two conditions needed for the keen attention required to deal with the limited time.

Eventually we lost contact. While Castaneda was a well-known cultural figure, he rarely appeared in public forums.

Why weren’t these movements mentioned in your earlier books? At the appointed moment, I would stand outside my West Hollywood apartment building and wait for him to drive up in his dusty tan van – cqstaneda at least half an hour late. I have labored for ten years to make a synthesis of those movements.

He wrote these books as his research log describing his apprenticeship with a traditional “Man of Knowledge” identified as don Juan Matusallegedly a Yaqui Indian from northern Caetaneda.